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Frozen Tissue Submission

Submitting Frozen Submission

Submitting Frozen Specimens

Please follow the instructions below for submitting frozen specimens for sectioning.

Specimen Preparation

  • Fresh tissue should be placed in a transport medium such as Zeus Fixative
    • If submitting fresh samples be sure to have samples delivered to the lab within 3 days of placing them in the fixative.
  • Frozen samples in OCT should be kept frozen and delivered on dry ice
    • Embed area of interest face down in the mold
    • Clearly label all tissues

Paperwork Submitted with Frozen Specimens

Please download and fill out the order form, which requires the following information:

  • Contact Info (name, email, phone #)
  • Principal Investigator (PI)
  • Number of blocks submitted with correlating labeling
  • Cutting Instructions
  • Chartfield # (eg..bu:xx org:xxxxx fund:xxxx project:xxxxxxxx account:xxxxx year:xxxx)
  • Comments

Additional Information

  • Signed Consent Form If Applicable
  • Deliver Samples to Research Histology, HCH Room N3970