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Study Design and Biostatistics

Tom Greene, PhD

HCI Biostatistics Unit Director
Kenneth M. Boucher, PhD

The primary goal of the Study Design and Biostatistics Shared Resource is to provide biostatistical and biomathematical support and collaboration for laboratory, translational, clinical, population, and epidemiological cancer studies underway at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI). The Study Design and Biostatistics Shared Resource enhances the scientific quality and sophistication of cancer research projects by providing tailored, professional consultation at all levels and stages of research. The Resource assists investigators with study design, sample size and power calculations, data analyses, grant applications, and manuscripts. Emphasis is placed on early consultation to allow adequate consideration and adaptation of study designs to meet the main objectives of the research. The Resource also provides educational outreach to Cancer Center members as needed, allowing investigators to better address their specific research problems. The Study Design and Biostatistics Shared Resource is a focal point of transdisciplinary cancer research as it facilitates the collaborative work of basic, population, and clinical researchers from many departments.

The primary research component of the Study Design and Biostatistics Shared Resource focuses on carcinogenesis modeling, on methodologies for high throughput genomics applicable to cancer pathways (such as microarray, ChIP–Seq, and Digital Gene Expression), and on methodologies for analyzing familial aspects of cancer. The Resource is affiliated with the biostatistical component of the University of Utah Clinical and Translational Research Award. The Resource retains direct Cancer Center management, while the affiliation allows increased depth of expertise and increased interaction with institutional biostaticians and related academic activities. The Resource also has an established advisory committee, which regularly reviews structure, quality of service and research, goals, and needs. The Resource is housed in the HCI research building.

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Study Design and Biostatistics Governance

Faculty Advisory Committee Chair
David K. Gaffney, MD, PhD

Faculty Advisory Committee Members
Philip Bernard, MD
Tom H. Greene, PhD
Stephen L. Lessnick, MD, PhD
Don McClain, PhD

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