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Robert Schackmann, PhD

The DNA/Peptide (DP) Shared Resource has provided University of Utah researchers RNA and DNA oligonucleotide synthesis, peptide synthesis, and Edman sequencing for the past 20 years. The DP Shared Resource’s role is to provide cost-effective, rapid services for its users and to allow specialty syntheses or modifications when needed. The DP facility operates two high-throughput DNA synthesizers, two conventional synthesizers for long oligos or for when small amounts of specialty reagents are required, two peptide synthesizers, and one Edman sequencer with several high-performance liquid chromatography systems for purification and analysis. The DP Shared Resource operational funding comes from a fee-for-service (chargeback) system. More than 120 laboratories on the University of Utah campus have used the DP Shared Resource; more than half of these were Cancer Center labs. Heavy-use labs represent only a few percent of the total services; hence, usage is widely distributed.

For more information, please see the DNA/Peptide webpage on the University of Utah HSC Core Facility website:

DNA/Peptide Governance

Robert Schackmann, PhD

HCI Senior Director Oversight
David Jones, PhD

HSC Core Oversight Committee
Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado, PhD
Frank Fitzpatrick, PhD 
David Jones, PhD 
John Phillips, PhD, chair 
David Stillman, PhD 
Wesley Sundquist, PhD 
Dennis Winge, PhD 
Mark Yandell, PhD
Joseph Yost, PhD

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