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Our Program

The goal of the Genome Sciences (GS) Program is to train the next generation of investigators to integrate genomics with biological and clinical research. Genome sciences merges functional genomics and translational biology to investigate biological systems at all levels of complexity. The GS Program combines faculty from multiple departments to provide important opportunities for applied research and learning at the interface of computation and biology. Any student or postdoctoral fellow can participate in the GS Program and, if the curriculum is successfully completed, can obtain a certificate in Genome Sciences.
The GS Program focuses in particular on the following areas of research:

  • Translational and applied genomics
  • Chromatin-transcription relationships
  • Genetic epidemiology and gene discovery
  • Genome annotation and comparative genomics

The individual expertise and collaborative nature of our faculty and fellows provides a highly integrated training environment. Research interests among our faculty include functional analysis of human genetic and epigenetic variation, biostatistics, human population genetics, gene expression data, pharmacogenomics, genome annotation, and others.

The GS program is integrated into the existing graduate programs in Molecular Biology and Biological Chemistry with a curriculum that fits well with those programs' core and elective structures. We also envision partnership with the educational missions of existing and emerging institutes and programs with interests in genome sciences.

Genome image courtesy of the Department of Energy Genomic Science program.