Summer Huntsman Internship Program

Our Program

Research Assignment

You will be assigned to a faculty mentor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at Huntsman Cancer Institute. If students express their interest in a specific or general area of research, the program director will try to accommodate student preferences when making mentor assignments and research placements.

Research projects are under individual faculty sponsorship. We try to match individual interest in a specific or general area of research with appropriate groups. However, the program cannot guarantee that you will work in a preferred area of research. Faculty mentors and the program director make decisions on final research placements.

Attendance and Schedule

All research projects require your full-time commitment. Each non-attendance must be approved in advance by the student's mentor. Simultaneous attendance of summer classes is not permitted. Students are also required to attend and participate in weekly presentations with the wider University of Utah Bioscience umbrella program for summer interns. At the end of the program you will give a poster presentation of your research project. This session is open to all members of the scientific community at the University of Utah.

Students apply to the program from universities across the United States; therefore, the program schedule is flexible to accommodate participants. Most students start in the first week of June. Once you're selected for the program and a mentor is assigned, you will arrange a start date with the mentor directly. A commitment of at least 10 weeks in the hosting laboratory is expected and you are expected to participate in the final poster presentation in the first week of August.


Students will be awarded a $3,500 stipend for the ten weeks of internship. Participants make their own housing arrangements or stay with summer interns in on-campus housing.