Bile Duct Cancer

Bile duct cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the ducts that are outside the liver (also called the extrahepatic bile duct). Bile duct cancer is treated by specialists in the Gastrointestinal Cancer Program.

Scott Franson, cancer survivor

When Scott Franson developed bile duct cancer, his life could have been over in his early forties. But thanks to a liver transplant protocol developed by surgeons at Huntsman Cancer Institute, he's looking ahead to many cancer-free years.

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Bethany Stein, cancer survivor

When you’re 29 years old and you have back pain, cancer is probably not on the list of possible causes. But for Bethany Stein of Cedar City, Utah, what started four years ago as a trip to the chiropractor turned into a long and difficult fight with bile duct cancer.

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