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The Infectious Disease Clinic, located at University of Utah Hospital in Clinic 1A, offers outpatient care for diagnosing and treating infectious diseases (ID). Infectious diseases include chickenpox, shingles, influenza, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, post-operative infections, and others.

Specialty Areas

General Infectious Diseases

From the common cold to West Nile virus, our clinic has specialists who treat patients with infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Learn more.

Immunocompromised Hosts

Some patients' abilities to fight disease can be limited by diseases, radiotherapy, or other causes. Our specialists evaluate and care for patients with compromised immune systems (or immunocompromised hosts). Learn more.

Travel Medicine

For travelers heading out or coming back, we provide services ranging from immunizations to up-to-date health information about potential health threats, pre-travel consultations to post-travel evaluations. We also provide discount consultations for group and business travelers. Learn more.

Human Immunodeficiency Disease (HIV/AIDS)

HIV/AIDS Care - Ryan White Program
The University of Utah Infectious Diseases Clinic (Clinic 1A) is the largest provider of HIV/AIDS care in the state and provides care to patients in the surrounding intermountain region. Operating within the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics (UUHC), the Ryan White Program has been treating HIV/AIDS patients since 1988. The infectious diseases division receives grant funding from the Ryan White Part B and Part C programs to provide primary care for HIV/AIDS patients.

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Fax: (801) 585-7315
ID/HIV/AIDS Services: (801) 585-2031
Nursing Services: (801) 585-7176
Pharmacist Services: (801) 587-3567
Case Management Services: (801) 585-2670

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Chris Davis, PA-C

Chris Davis was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree he attended Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA. He became a licensed Physician Assistant in 2010. He has worked with HIV patients since 2011. ... Read More


HIV/AIDS, Infectious Diseases, Physician Assistant


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Dana K. Lombardi, PA-C, M.P.A.S., BSN

Dana K. Lombardi PA-C has worked at the University of Utah since June of 1996. She first came to work in the outpatient clinics in internal medicine, infectious diseases, geriatrics and psychiatry upon graduation from nursing school from Westiminster in June of 1996. She later went back to school and received ... Read More


Infectious Diseases, Physician Assistant


University Hospital (801) 585-3207
University Hospital (801) 585-2031

Joan Thompson, PA-C

Joan Thompson, BSRN, PAC, is a Physician Assistant at the University of Utah Clinic 1A. As an HIV primary care clinician her clinical interests include comprehensive health care of persons living with HIV/AIDS , Women’s Health care and Youth care

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Infectious Diseases


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Selene Working, PA-C

Selene Working, MPAS, PA-C, is a Physician Assistant at the University of Utah, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of general infectious diseases. Her main clinical focus is in the diagnosis and management of infections in the inpatient setting as well as maintaining longitudinal follow up with patients... Read More


Infectious Diseases


University Hospital (801) 585-2031


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