University Health Care Infusion Services

Inpatient Ordering

Determine the line needed for therapy:

PICC Line MIDLINE (Not Central)
  • Central Strength drugs:
    high osmolarity IV meds
    high or low pH IV meds
  • TPN therapy
  • Long term IV needs
  • PICC last up to 12 months
    if it is taken care of properly
  • Double or single lumen
  • Better access than a peripheral IV
  • Not always reliable for lab draws after a few days
  • Can last up to 4 weeks
  • Option to rewire to a PICC later if needed
  • Single lumen only
Double Lumen PICC
Single Lumen PICC
  • Multiple Meds
  • Continuous IV drip, plus additional
    IV needs
  • TPN therapy
  • Blood products
  • Size 5 French
  • Often placed for home IV antibiotics
  • Lab draws, difficult access
  • Size 4 French
  • 3 French (used for CF patients)

Placing an order:

1.  In Powerchart, click on orders, and go to ADD ORDER
2.  Type PICC in search box
3.  Select PICC Placement Request
4.  This will take you through steps of ordering PICC (single vs. double) or midline.  If you have the information, please specify patient’s IV needs/length of treatment.
5.  The PICC Team is automatically paged once the order is placed and signed.  No further page or phone call to the team is necessary for inpatient requests.

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