University Health Care Infusion Services

Vascular Access Staff

Gladys Adjei-Poku, RN, BS, MSN
Associate Director Cardiovascular Services, Vascular Access & Wound Ostomy

“I love being a member of the Vascular Access Team because the staff is innovative, collaborative, honest and hardworking. They need very little direction as they are very intuitive and proactive.”  “I love to be a leader and always look for opportunities to lead by example."

Jennifer Andersen, RDCS

Jenn has been in the medical field for almost 10 years. She has a BS in Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography and is a Utah State Licenced Phlebotomist, IV Therapist, and CVT. She “loves being on the PICC Team for the challenges and rewards received every day, for the amazing co-workers, and for the different people that we meet on a daily basis.”  Jenn is a single mom with two amazing girls and a grandson on the way in December. 

Nuri Betof, RN

“I love being on the PICC team because it is so intense and focused.  I love being part of a surgical procedure at the bedside.  It is a unique experience.”  Nuri’s long term plans include obtaining her RN-MSN in nursing education.  She enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, going to the dollar theatre, and spending time with her loyal cat.  She avoids cooking because she “tends to light things on fire”. 

Scott Brady, RN

Scott was born in Utah and has spent most of his life in Utah.  He has been married for 35 years and has seven children.  Scott graduated from Weber State University.  "I worked on a PICC team at another hospital for a couple of years in the past.  That hospital did not place as many PICC lines as the U of U; we did not use ultrasound back then.  I am one of the newest members of the PICC Team.  I enjoy working with this team because they have plenty of experience and I learn something new every time I work.   I always want to keep my IV therapy skills as sharp as they can be and continue to improve as well."

Brett Carroll, RN, BSN

Brett has been on the Vascular Access Team at the University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics since October 2012.  “I love it here!”.   He has a BS in Behavioral Science and Health (U of U, 2001), AAS in nursing (SLCC, 2004), BSN in nursing (BYUI, 2009), and is currently working on a DNP in nursing (U of U, 2016). “Before I came to the U, I had 5 years of experience placing PICCs and IVs in interventional radiology at Intermountain Healthcare. I also have experience as a nurse in the ICU (thoracic, medical, and neuro) and the operating room at various Intermountain Healthcare hospitals.” Brett and his wife, Andrea, have 3 children.  “I like to hang out with them a lot!”.  Brett also enjoys running and biking.

Ben Gevas, EMT, MA

Ben and his wife, Brittany, have 3 children and he is currently in nursing school. “I have worked at the U for 5 years, and have loved working with all the wonderful people here.  I like working on the PICC team, because of the opportunity to see so many types of patients and to be able to help give them the care that they need.”

Pat Huot-Kentch, RN, BSN, VA-BC, PICC Team Manager

Pat comments that the 9 years of involvement with the PICC Team at the University of Utah has been the most fulfilling part of her nursing career.  She has been a nurse for 41 years and hopes to retire in the next 5-6 years.  Born in Minnesota, she attended a diploma nursing school there and worked in several different medical-surgical areas of nursing until moving to Utah in 1990.  She has three sons, all residing in Salt Lake City, and two grandchildren with whom she enjoys spending her free time.  Pat also likes road biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing with her dog, Oakley.  The other activities that fill her days include yoga, reading, and maintaining her home in Sugarhouse. Pat is currently Vascular Access Association Board Certified and in the past has held certification in the oncology field.  She has experience in the endoscopy world and worked in the Huntsman Infusion Room for 3 years prior to joining the PICC Team. She is proud to be a member of the Vascular Access Team here at the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Hospitals and Clinics.  Pat strives to provide the best service possible to our patients and medical staff.   

Brooks Lloyd, RN

Brooks has been on the PICC Team since July of 2011. Before that he was an RN at the University of Utah Hospital Surgical Specialty Transplant Unit for 7 years as a floor & charge nurse.  He has a BS in Biology from the University of Utah & received his RN from Salt Lake Community College.  "I feel being on the PICC team has been a privilege. To see people smile when I come into their room to start a PICC or an IV is a surreal experience and makes my job very rewarding.” Brooks was a ski instructor at Alta for 14 years. He now enjoys taking his wife and two boys skiing and is an avid Utes and Cowboys fan!

Amy Palmer, RN

“Being a nurse has its' perks! Learning something new has its' perks as well! I'm a full time nurse in ICU and Emergency. Placing PICCs is a skill that I have enjoyed for the last year. What I enjoy most are the conversations with patients as a PICC nurse. The conversations become a little more personal in that 30 to 60 minute time that you spend with them.  In my spare time away from being a nurse, I am a mom and wife. I enjoy hangin' with my family and my dogs. Nothing better than Utah weather and fun!

Michelle Ruiz, MA

“I enjoy working with the PICC team because it allows me to learn new things on a daily basis.  I love meeting new people (patients) and helping them.  The team itself is amazing and unique.”  Michelle plans to return to school to obtain her nursing degree in the next few months. “I moved to Utah about 5 years ago to be closer to my mom.  I was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  I am the baby of the family, I have one older sister and a brother.  I live in Salt Lake City with my two cats and a dog.  In my spare time, I like to shop, watch movies, go to concerts, hike, exercise, and spend time with my boyfriend and my puppy.”

Stacey Stenseth, RN, BSN, VA-BC

With nearly 19 years of nursing experience (BSN, Montana State University, 1995), Stacey has spent 11+ years in the area of vascular access.  She has worked at the U for nearly 8 years, and previously worked on an IV/PICC team in Spokane, Washington.  Stacey is currently Vascular Access Board Certified.  “I love being a PICC nurse because of the autonomy, the challenges, and the fact that now two days are alike”.  “Working at a teaching hospital is a wonderful opportunity to share and gain knowledge in many areas”.  When she is not at work, she loves to spend time with her husband and two children.  Stacey can often be found at the gym, walking their 3 beagles, playing outdoors, volunteering, or driving the kids to the ice rink, football field, or basketball court.