Life Skills Clinic

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapists work with children and their families to encourage active participation in activities or occupations that are meaningful to them. These could include the following:

  • Play Related and Social Activities
  • School Tasks
  • Self-Care
  • Activities of Daily Living

They also work in collaboration with other professionals to help determine and meet the needs of children who are experiencing developmental challenges. These needs could include any of these things:

  • Therapeutic activities to address overall motor skill development
  • Motor planning and improved coordination
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Feeding development/feeding challenges
  • Fine motor development/prewriting or handwriting skills
  • Visual-motor development and low vision therapy
  • Social and play skill development
  • Functional mobility
  • Self-regulation skills/adaptive behavior
  • Self-care skills
  • Access and use of assistive technology

If you would like to explore the opportunities in the Life Skills Clinic for your child, contact us at the following:

Phone: (801) 585-6837

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Robyn Thompson, MS, OTR/L

Robyn Thompson is our pediatric occupational therapist. She has 14 years of experience as an OT, has received a master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and is near the completion of her doctorate in special education. Robyn strives to implement effective and research-based therapy strategies in order to help children acquire new and adaptive skills as well as to support and educate their families.