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Penile Implants

Although the medical treatments of Erectile Dysfunction or ED may provide satisfying erections, they unfortunately do not provide a long-term “cure” to the problem. They are, after all, “band-aids” for the symptoms but not a total solution.

Most men and their partners want, ultimately:

  • An erection that is rigid and satisfying for sexual activity
  • The ability to be spontaneous in their sex lives
  • The ability to predict and control how long the erection lasts and how often they can use it
  • Lack of “paraphernalia”. In other words, the erection should be natural, not associated with devices or other impediments

Because of all of these factors, penile implants offer a very compelling alternative to treating ED. The Urology specialists at University of Utah Health Care are experts in treating ED and can provide patients with a variety of penile implant options.

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