Miners Hospital


Information About The Miners Hospital

Established to Serve Utah's Disabled Miners

doctor with patientThe Miners Hospital was established in 2004 to provide health care to disabled Utah miners with mining related illnesses or injuries.

A "mining related illness or injury" is a disability, illness or injury that is associated with working in a coal, metal or non-metal mine and that significantly affects a miner's or former miner's activities of daily living and/or significantly affects his or her ability to work, and that reasonably requires medical treatment.

Initially, the disabled miner will be seen in the Miners Clinic in Orem, Utah. The Miners Clinic coordinates care with other departments of University Hospital and Clinics to provide specialized care as needed.

The Miners Hospital is a division of the Rehabilitation Center, University Health Care, University of Utah. If you have questions regarding services of the Miners Hospital or to request application for services, call 801-581-2251 or the toll-free number - 866-UMINERS (866-864-6377). You may go to our intake page to complete the application and insurance form.