Assisting Patients With Migraines, Blepharospasm, & Other Light-Sensitive Conditions

doctor showing patient brain modelFl-41 is a rose colored filter that we have found to be useful in patients with migraine headaches, blepharospasm, and other light-sensitive conditions. FL-41 was first described in a research project that took place in Birmingham, England. In this study, children with migraine headaches wore FL-41 filtered spectacles. The researchers found that wearing FL-41 improved the light sensitivity in these children and also the frequency and severity of their migraine headaches. Since that time, we have successfully used FL-41 filtered lenses at the Moran Eye Center to treat this and other conditions.

Our Research

Aided by funding from the Benign Essential blepharospasm Research Foundation, we have found that blepharospasm patients are more light sensitive than people who do not have blepharospasm. We have also found that when a patient with blepsharospasm has their light sensitivity treated, their blepharospasm symptoms are improved.

Recently, we have tested FL-41 filtered lenses head-to-head against conventional gray sunglasses and standard, rose tinted spectacles. We have found that the majority of patients prefer wearing FL-41 filtered spectacles.

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