About the Emergency Eye Care (Triage) Clinic

Many conditions that we see in our Triage Service can be treated during the initial visit. In addition, if needed, we will refer patients to our full range of subspecialty services including retina, cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology and more. The operating rooms at the Moran Eye Center are available for urgent surgical repairs.

Our Triage Clinic is staffed by technicians, nurses, residents, fellows and attending physicians certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Our physicians provide follow-up evaluation and care for patients with eye trauma.

The Moran Eye Center is a major referral center for eye trauma and disease in the Intermountain West and provides other emergency assistance to patients whose regular ophthalmic provider is not readily available. Our Triage Service also provides eye care to patients seen in the Emergency Department at the University of Utah Hospital and all other area hospitals.

Trauma to the eye requires prompt medical attention. If a foreign substance penetrates an eye, no attempt should be made to remove it. The eye should be loosely covered, and the injured person should seek emergency care immediately. In the case of a chemical burn, the eye should be flushed thoroughly with water prior to seeking emergency care. Warning signs that may indicate an eye condition requires urgent medical attention include persistent pain, sudden sensitivity to light, new-onset flashing lights and any sudden change or loss of vision.

Many people have transient eye complaints that resolve without intervention. It can be difficult to know when something is serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. As a general rule, if your symptoms come on quickly, are severe in nature or persistent, or if you just personally feel that you need to be seen by an ophthalmologist, it might be reasonable to seek care. Be sure to go if you have sudden vision loss or change, severe eye pain or discomfort, severe eyelid swelling or inability to open the eye, eye trauma or injury to your eye.

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