Clear Lens Extraction (CLE)


Clear Lens Extraction (CLE) is similar to cataract surgery.  Both involve the removal of the eye's natural lens, replacing it with a synthetic lens.  In most cases, the synthetic lens corrects for distance vision, usually requiring a pair of reading glasses for close work.  Different synthetic lens replacement options include correction for both distance and near vision as well as lenses that can correct for astigmatism.

This procedure may be used for patients who have farsightedness or nearsightedness combined with astigmatism.  Presbyopic patients can also benefit.

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  • An alternative for patients who are not eligible for laser surgery
  • Corrects high myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness) that is out of the range of laser surgery and phakic IOLs.
  • You will no longer develop a cataract as the lens has been removed and replaced by a clear implant
  • Minimal postoperative discomfort


  • Lose your ability to accommodate - you may need reading glasses for near vision
  • More invasive than laser refractive surgery. This procedure is done in the operating room with topical and/or general anesthesia
  • More difficult to remove than phakic IOLs

Dr. Moshirfar describes CLE, what it is used for, and who is a candidate for it.

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