How Implantable Contact Lenses Work

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A state-of-the-art solution for addressing refractive errors is the use of Phakic intraocular lenses. These lens implants are designed to be inserted within the eye, hidden between the iris and the eye’s natural lens. Once in place, the Phakic IOLs work together with the eye’s natural focusing system to deliver sharper, clearer vision. Phakic IOLs are an ideal solution for nearly anyone who has the need or desire to rid themselves of glasses or contact lenses. They offer patients an alternative to corneal refractive procedures, such as LASIK or PRK. Phakic IOLs have distinct advantages over corneal refractive procedures. They provide superior quality of vision. They can correct a wide range of refractive errors, including very strong errors. A Phakic IOL implant can be left in permanently, but if the need or desire arises, these lenses can be removed or updated to meet potential changes in your vision needs. Advantages of Phakic IOLs go beyond their versatility and corrective strength. Several design features of the lenses make the implantation procedure safe, minimize recovery time, and minimize the occurrence of postoperative complications. If you have the need or desire for quality vision correction, Phakic IOLs are not just an alternative⎯they are a clear choice for superior vision quality.

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