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Magnetic Source Imaging - About MSI


Magnetic Source Imaging (MSI) provides information about the brains function not available through any other procedure. 

Cells in the brain, called neurons, constantly talk to each other through a combination of tiny electric currents and chemicals, regardless of whether a person is awake or asleep. MSI, uses a technique called Magnetoencephalography (MEG) to measure the activity of these neurons. By measuring small magnetic fields in the brain, the location, or source, of neuron activity can be measured when a person is asleep, reading a story, remembering a list of words, or a variety of other tasks. 

In combination with other imaging technologies MSI enhances patient care by creating a virtual 3D map of the brain's activity for identifying more accurately where seizures originate in the brain. With a detailed description of the seizure, a history highlighting etiological factors, a neurological exam and diagnostic imaging recordings, our physicians are better able to determine the best therapy and/or treatment options. 

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