Clinical Neurosciences Center

Magnetic Source Imaging - Preparing for your visit


Before the Scan

During the scan we want you to fall asleep. Prior to your MSI scan appointment, you will be required not to sleep from 10 pm until your scan. You are allowed to have a light breakfast prior to the scan, but please no caffeinated drinks. Please take all of your regular medications on the day of your exam prior to arriving for your appointment. 

During the Scan

Technicians will prepare you for the MSI scan by attaching 5 small coils on your head as well as an EEG cap with 60 electrodes (for the simultaneous recording of the EEG). You will then be asked to lie on a padded bed designed for the MSI scanner for you to relax and fall asleep. The scanning process does not generate any noise. While you are in the scanner room, you are under permanent supervision by technicians outside the scanner room via a video camera and microphone. They can see and hear you throughout the entire procedure. It is important that you remain relaxed and breathe normally during a series of scans. The scan will last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the data we are receiving. 

Following the Scan

Technicians will remove the EEG cap and coils from your head. At this point a hair wash is recommended to remove the electrode paste from your hair. Because you have not had enough sleep the night before, we require for you to be picked up by an accompanying person or taxi to drive you home safely. You may resume your normal activities and diet. 

MSI Scan Results

The MSI physician(s) will review your exam every 30 minutes while you are in the scanner and after the completion of your scan. Your MSI scan images will be correlated with the findings of your other imaging studies (MRI) and a written report of the MSI scan findings will be sent to your doctor, usually within two weeks. 

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