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Clinical Neurosciences Center

APDA Information and Referral Center

A collaboration between the APDA, the University of Utah Department of Neurology and the Clinical Neurosciences Center 

The APDA Information and Referral Center is a program made possible by the American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc., the Utah Chapter of the APDA and the Department of Neurology at the University of Utah. It is designed to be a resource for individuals with Parkinson's disease in the state of Utah and the surrounding areas including portions of Colorado and Wyoming.  The resource center is designed to educate, counsel and refer patients to medical professionals, as well as to increase public awareness about Parkinson's disease.

Our  focus is to assist anyone with special needs related to Parkinson's disease and to help maintain a quality of life that is fulfilling for patients, their families and friends and ultimately ease the burden and assist in finding the cure for Parkinson’s disease. Resources available through the Information & Referral center include:

Support Groups

  • We oversee and assist 7 statewide, volunteer led support groups located in Brigham City, Central Utah, Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake City, and St. George.  These support group meetings are held monthly and provide patients and caregivers the tools and education to maximize their quality of life.

Patient Education Resources

  • The center holds a lending library and free educational booklets and supplements.  Newly diagnosed patients packets are distributed to clinics and mail to give patient education on Parkinson’s disease.  Information on Deep Brain Stimulation, the benefits of exercise and other specialized topics are available.

Physician Referrals

  • The center maintains a current list of statewide experienced neurologist that have an interest and skill in treating Parkinson’s disease.


  • The Information and Referral Center generates a local quarterly newsletter, Parkinson's News, giving the latest updates and information on Parkinson’s disease.  This newsletter currently reaches 2000 people through email and postal mail in and out of the state of Utah.  Online copies of the newsletter are available here.


  • The center organizes and sponsors an annual fall educational symposium featuring keynote speakers educating patients and caregivers on the latest PD research and medical updates.

Parkinsonism Programs

  • A list of local exercise and Parkinsonism wellness programs is maintained through the center.

Newly-Diagnosed Patient Seminars

  • Free quarterly educational seminars are available throughout the state.  In collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies the center sponsors a neurologist to address patient questions in a comfortable, informal setting. The general public is invited, but newly diagnosed patients and their family and friends are especially encouraged to attend.
  • The times and locations of these educational meetings can be found on the events page of the Utah Chapter of the APDA and will be announced in the quarterly edition of Parkinson's News

The Utah Chapter of the APDA

The center advises and assists a volunteer board to fundraise and raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease. More information about the board can be found here.

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(801) 585-7575

Lauren Schrock, MD, Medical Director

Rebecca Jorgensen, CHES, Center Coordinator

D. James Ballard, B.S., P.T., DPT

Health Profession Education Building (801) 587-9161

Specialties: Balance/Vestibular, Movement Disorders, Pelvic Dysfunction/Incontinence, Physical Therapy

Stefan M. Pulst, M.D., Dr. med.

Clinical Neurosciences Center (801) 585-7575

Specialties: Ataxia, Movement Disorders, Neurogenetics, Neurology, Parkinson's Disease

David R. Renner, M.D.

Clinical Neurosciences Center (801) 585-7575

Specialties: EMG, General Neurology, HIV/AIDS, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Neuromuscular Diseases, Stroke

Rodolfo Savica, M.D.

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Specialties: Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry, Movement Disorders

Lauren E. Schrock, M.D.

Imaging and Neurosciences Center (801) 585-7575

Specialties: Botulinum Toxins, Deep Brain Stimulation, Dystonia, Intraoperative Monitoring, Movement Disorders, Neurology

David R. Shprecher, D.O., M.S.C.I

Imaging and Neurosciences Center (801) 585-7575

Specialties: Faint and Fall, Movement Disorders, Neurology, Parkinson's Disease

John D. Steffens, M.D.

Imaging and Neurosciences Center (801) 585-7575

Specialties: General Neurology, Neurology, Parkinson's Disease

Perla C. Thulin, M.D.

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Specialties: Movement Disorders, Neurology

Meghan S. Zorn, PA-C

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Specialties: Movement Disorders, Neurology, Parkinson's Disease, Physician Assistant

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