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U of U President Promotes Alzheimer's Research

Universities Must Lead Research into Alzheimer's Disease, Says U President Michael Young

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Michael YoungSALT LAKE CITY –Writing a guest column at the American Council on Education's Solutions for Our Future website, University of Utah President Michael K. Young advocated for the pivotal role of America's Universities in facing our toughest problems, including Alzheimer's Disease.

"The University of Utah," Young wrote, "is confronting this challenge head on in a cross-disciplinary way to improve the health and happiness of those battling the disease and to expand the resources available to care providers and society at large. By overtly encouraging translational research through collaborative synergy grants and interdisciplinary partnerships, the university ensures that faculty produce results that reach beyond the laboratory walls to the patient’s hospital bed. That research and its subsequent transfer to patients and care providers will make all the difference between success and failure in addressing Alzheimer’s."

President Young also highlighted the collaborative, multi-disciplinary nature of the U's Center for Alzheimer's Care, Imaging, and Research and the unique Proactive Dementia Care Model developed at the University of Utah and first implemented at the Clinical Neurosciences Center.

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