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Stroke Center Nurse Receives U Staff Excellence Award

Sheila Bloomdale Provides "Amazing Care" While Guiding Patients Through Life After Stroke

Sheila BloomdaleSept 3, 2010:  Sheila Bloomdale, outpatient nurse at the University of Utah Stroke Center, was recognized by the University of Utah with the 2010 Staff Excellence Award at a luncheon on Thursday, September 2.  Bloomdale was honored alongside 23 other University staff members for service excellence and their commitment to the University of Utah. 

Bloomdale handles patient calls, provides stroke risk factor information, and guides patients through post-stroke recovery, serving as a continual source of education, reassurance and confidence.  Jennifer Majersik, MD, Director of the University Stroke Center said that Bloomdale “[connects] with patients and improve their health – both physical and mental – all of which results in less patient depression and anxiety, more patient risk factor control, and, in the end, fewer recurrent strokes.”

Bloomdale is perhaps best known for her one-on-one, tailored patient education to help patients reduce their risk factors.  Few who have had her famous “it’s your blood pressure; you can control it” conversations ever forgets them.  Bloomdale encourages personal ownership over risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, and tobacco use but also listens to each patient to understand their own personal barriers to achieving control, helping them to feel a sense of power at a normally fearful time. 

Dr. Majersik continues, “every time we are in clinic together, she uncovers barriers I didn’t know were there: a spouse who also smokes, lack of access to healthy foods, financial stresses from aging parents, etc.  But Sheila not only finds barriers; she then helps patients to resolve them, often creatively.  Sheila’s greatest strength is the rapport she builds with patients.  Because of her empathy and positive support, they learn to confide in her and trust her.  She then is able to help them develop concrete, actionable plans aimed at improving patients’ lives.”

Continually seeking to improve her own knowledge base, Bloomdale attends lectures and CME events, conducts a great amount of her own reading and research to find brain and heart healthy exercises, or the perfect idea for a patient struggling with their diagnosis.

Bloomdale is the consummate team member, known for pitching in to help with whatever project needs to be done to help the University of Utah Stroke Center fulfill its mission to be the regional leader in stroke care, research and education.

The Clinical Neurosciences Center is proud to have Sheila Bloomdale as a member of our world-class team of clinicians, educators and researchers.  Congratulations, Sheila, on your well-earned recognition!

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