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Race for Research not without Difficulty

Team Utah Neurosciences Pushes on Despite Adversity

Race Across America logoTeam Utah Neurosciences could also be called team pain. Riding for the  
cause they do, it must have been a little frightening to see rider Christian Clerc catch a gust of wind with his disc wheels and take a header.

Riding in third place just outside of Taos, NM, Clerc was making great time when an unexpected wind sent him one way and the bike another cracking his helmet in three places, and raking his skin across asphalt leaving deep lacerations and abrasions requiring medical attention.

Shot first with penicillin and then anesthetized, Clerc’s abrasions were cleaned deeply, and then bandaged.

“My hip is the worst,” Said Clerc, “But I got my whole back and my forearm is really deep.” Not one to leave any skin un-touched, Clerc’s nose, knees, hands and ankles are alternately skinned, swollen and clearly sprained. “But no stitches,” He grinned. “I will not stay off the bike, I am going to ride my shift tonight at around midnight. We cannot win with three riders, so I have to get back on.”


Riding with Dr William Couldwell, Chair of Neurosurgery at the University of Utah, Clerc will sign releases to ride Against Medical Advice.  Seriously. The team has dropped from third and closing in, to as low as eighth, and rides as of this writing in seventh.

Besides cracking his helmet, Clerc also destroyed his front disc, a Zipp 404 wheel costing a pretty penny. His bike was fortunately not damaged at all, save for a scrape on the left hand grip. His assault on the course will be with the vigor of a man having taken more than 24 hours off.

Best of luck, Team Utah Neurosciences, and keep up the great work!

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