Clinical Neurosciences Center

Kevin Coulter

When a knife was accidentally lodged in Kevin Coulter’s skull and brain during a Boy Scout service project, his family was relieved to have the intermountain west’s top neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuro-imaging specialists within reach of their home.  The University of Utah’s internationally-recognized AirMed medical transport team flew Kevin to University Hospital. Dr. Paul House, Neurosurgeon with the Clinical Neurosciences Center at the University of Utah, repaired Kevin’s skull and brain and he fully recovered within a few weeks.

Like Kevin’s parents, when your loved ones require medical care, you want the access to the best.  That’s why we created the region’s only comprehensive specialty center for patients with brain, nerve, and spinal diseases, disorders and injuries.  At the Clinical Neurosciences Center, we are proud to offer these services to the community.