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  • National Hispanic Health Foundation

  • Three KL2, VPCAT Scholars Honored at U of U Health Science’s Vitae

    Each year University of Utah Health Sciences features young investigators whose innovative research is making an impact. On Dec 8, three KL2 and VPCAT scholars were highlighted at this years’ event. Each gave engaging, lively presentations explaining their research and how their lives led them to where they are today.

  • Check out a new DBMI video

    Biomedical Informatics video.

  • Morgan Award Winner Announced

    Congratulations to Lance Pfleiger. He will present his research on December 6: “Uncertainty Quantification in Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Models using Self-Reported Family Health History”

  • BioVenture

    Whether taken for a certificate of completion, or as part of a focused elective track for any of our current MBA offerings, these courses offer knowledge and skills in biodesign from beginning to end.

  • Two Distinguished Poster Awards at AMIA

    Pediatric Research using Integrated Sensor Technology (PRISMS): Applying Sensor Technology and Informatics to Better Understand Asthma, Sward KA, Bui AAT, Ambite JL, Dellarco M, Facelli JC, Guilliland FD (2016), presented at 2016 AMIA Annual Symposium, Chicago, IL. Patient Identity Matching for Health Information Exchange between Poison Control Centers and Emergency Departments, Pallavi Ranade-Kharkar, Mollie Cummins, Sid Thornton, Guilherme Del Fiol, Darren Mann, Heather Bennett

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