Good CARMA: RN and CARMA Director Jeremy Fotheringham (center) brings together the best minds in arrhythmia research and management, including prominent cardiovascular physicians like Chris McGann (left) and Nassir F. Marrouche (right).

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Nursing Innovations

09. Put nurse, physician, and researcher heads together for better patient outcomes.

Traditionally, nurses in leadership roles manage other nurses, not global research centers. But we don’t follow tradition for tradition’s sake. And Jeremy Fotheringham, a former bedside nurse and the current director of our Comprehensive Arrhythmia Research and Management Center (CARMA), embodies this philosophy

“Jeremy is the bridge between nursing and medicine at CARMA,” says Margaret Pearce, our CNO. “He’s helping us to build nursing as a professional practice.” Jeremy not only serves as director of CARMA, but also as the nursing director of the Cardiovascular service line, managing inpatient cardiovascular units as well as EP and Cath Labs.

Boasting a law degree as well as a business administration background, Jeremy Fotheringham brings business acumen, team building skills, and nursing expertise to his leadership post at the CARMA Center. It’s the perfect match for this highly collaborative environment, where nurses, research fellows, and physicians work together to translate cuttingedge academic research into real-time patient care procedures. And it’s this team approach that has led to groundbreaking new tools and resources for diagnosing and treating atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia. In fact, the CARMA Center is one of the few places in the world that can “stage” AFib using three-dimensional, high-resolution MRI technology— and this enhanced diagnostic tool brings patients from around the globe to our Utah center.

“We’re building a direct correlation between academic research and real patient results.”
—Jeremy Fotheringham, Director, CARMA Center

Collaboration breeds innovation.

CARMA center nurses work alongside physicians and researchers to improve diagnostic procedures and clinical outcomes for arrhythmia patients. They participate in AFib screening events across the Western states, they attend European conferences to see and present the latest scientific research, and they track and measure outcomes right here in our Utah lab.

“Our nurses are true partners with our physicians and researchers,” says Jeremy. “They’re fully engaged in the leading-edge research that’s changing people’s lives.” This deep research knowledge, combined with the CARMA Center’s collaborative atmosphere, translates directly to the front lines of nursing. “Our nurses ask more questions,” says Jeremy. “They’re constantly looking for better ways to do things, and they feel empowered to challenge the status quo.”

It’s the perfect illustration of what happens when nurses, physicians, and researchers put their heads together to drive better patient outcomes. And it’s all part of our vision for building a diverse team of innovative—and empowered—nurses.

Top 10% for patient satisfaction nationwide.

“Everyone at the CARMA Center shares the same vision for high-quality care and an exceptional patient experience,” says Jeremy. And with truly engaged nurses and physicians partnering with leading arrhythmia researchers, CARMA patients don’t just go home healthy. They go home happy.