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Nursing Innovations

A Message From Our Leadership

Margaret Pearce, RN, Ph.D. Chief Nursing Officer

Five years ago, the nursing department at University of Utah Health Care began a journey to be nationally known for the professional practice of nursing. We looked at our current practice and began imagining where we wanted it to be. We knew that excellence was not a plaque on the wall, but a feeling that everyone would notice—a palpable culture that combined unsurpassed clinical outcomes with a new level of care that made every single patient feel that they were, in fact, our favorite patient.  We also looked at our financial situation and determined where we needed to be in the future to contribute to the healthy, vibrant organization we all envisioned. We started with a strategic plan for nursing, we identified gaps and we put a laser focus on three areas: patient experience, quality outcomes and fiscal responsibility.

To build on this strategy, we worked hard to create a culture where anyone in our organization could contribute creative ideas that would be valued and implemented. We put nurse leaders in non-traditional roles, set great expectations and then watched them exceed our expectations. We also acknowledged that clinical nurses know what their patients need, both physically and emotionally. And with this new perspective, my role as a leader became that of facilitator and barrier remover.

"Every patient should feel like they’re our
favorite patient.”

As we shifted our focus, things began to change— slowly at first, then more dramatically. This year, we were honored to be named #1 in Quality by the University HealthSystem Consortium for our clinical outcomes, as well as Top Improver by Press Ganey for our dramatic rise in patient satisfaction. Now, we’d like to share some of the ideas that got us to this point in our journey, and we’d love to hear your great ideas as well. Please take a look at the top 10 creative ideas that helped transform our organization. Then, take a moment to share your ideas with us

I look forward to hearing from you.

Margaret Pearce, RN, Ph.D.
Chief Nursing Officer