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Nursing Innovations

Moving forward.

To continue to grow, we must continue to change. That’s why our journey to professional nursing excellence doesn’t end with our 2010 #1 Quality ranking from University HealthSystem Consortium, or our Top Improver award from Press Ganey, or the conclusion of this report. Instead, we’re continuing to move forward each and every day, and we’re preparing for the next leg of our journey.

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There will undoubtedly be new challenges to face along the way, new barriers to remove, and new creative ideas to adopt. And we’re ready to take them on. In the coming year, we’ll learn to work even more efficiently across all of our hospitals and departments. We’ll build new spaces to provide better care for patients and we’ll form new alliances between all care providers. We’ll enhance our electronic medical records, take on new pilot projects, and continue to build the professional practice of nursing.

All the while, we’ll be making sure we accomplish what we’ve set out to do: To care for our patients—and to give them the exceptional experience they deserve, every time they come through our doors.