Nutrition Services at PEAK Health & Fitness

quick bites

To increase daily fruit and vegetable intake: try cutting up your favorite fruit or vegetable to snack on at work or school.

  • Add fresh vegetables to omelets.
  • Try a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast.
  • Add fresh vegetables to your favorite canned spaghetti sauce.

The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

We are Your Nutrition and Fitness Experts!

PEAK Health and Fitness is an applied learning center of the Division of Nutrition and the Exercise and Sport Science Department within the College of Health. The College of Health is a division of the University of Utah Health Sciences Center.

PEAK Health and Fitness operates personal as well as corporate wellness programs. Individual wellness programs are based on personal needs and the latest scientific research. Corporate wellness programs include on-site health screenings, group presentations and individual consultations.

PEAK offers a wide variety of nutrition and fitness services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with the most current and accurate information on health and wellness.