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Sport Nutrition


Sport Nutrition at PEAK Health and Fitness

If you regularly attend the gym, run, cycle, swim, ski, or perform any other variety of exercise you may already know the importance of pairing physical activity with healthy nutrition habits!

Something as simple exercising or engaging in your favorite sport on an empty ‘fuel tank’ (or one containing the wrong fuel) may result in feelings of fatigue, GI distress, decreased concentration levels, less stamina and endurance, or longer recovery.

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Eating for Performance

The number one goal of a sports dietitian is to identify the best eating and drinking strategies to meet an individual’s schedule and training/competition needs. Ultimately the aim of the sports dietitian is to maximize performance. Areas that a dietitian can make a difference include the following:

  • General health and immunity
  • Energy levels
  • Concentration 
  • Growth and body composition
  • Recovery

Individual sport nutrition consults are tailored to your needs, and may include:

Dietary Analysis

  • Nutrient adequacy; such as Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Micronutrient levels; Ca, Fe, Zn, Vit C etc. and Antioxidant density
  • Pre- and post-training eating patterns
  • Timing of carbohydrate/protein intake related to training stage
  •  Food variety checks
  • Working with dietary health issues such as diabetes, anemia, eating disorders, or food allergies

Weight Management

  • Increasing Muscle Mass 
  • Nutrition planning to meet requirements of weight training program
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Meal Planning
  • Recipe ideas

Competition Eating

  • Preparation, such as Carbohydrate loading and Hydration
  • Single day vs. multi day events
  • Eating on the road (e.g., Local or Overseas travel)

Hydration Issues

  • Daily fluid needs for body size
  • Training hydration strategies
  • Fluid types and effect on hydration status - Water, sports drinks, coffee, tea, energy drinks, juice, milk


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