Nutrition Services at PEAK Health & Fitness

Personal Nutrition


Every time you turn around there is another diet book hot off the press. How much money have you spent trying to lose weight and feel better? You are unique and have special concerns. PEAK Health & Fitness is here to meet your nutrition and wellness needs.

PEAK Health & Fitness offers comprehensive nutrition assessments and a variety of counseling services. We provide the information needed to make wise choices about healthy eating, weight management, specialized clinical diets, and eating to enhance athletic performance.

Both personal and group counseling are available with an emphasis on individualizing dietary information and recommendations. Initial consultations include an analysis of your diet and recommendations for better energy and wellness. Your wellness program will be based on your personal needs and the latest scientific research.

In addition to client consultations regarding everything from weight loss to gastrointestinal disease, PEAK Health & Fitness offers individual health screenings such as cholesterol testing, body composition testing, computerized diet analysis and blood pressure testing.