Occupational Medicine

Medical Toxicology

man in safety uniform standing between metal barrelsMedical Toxicology is a medical subspecialty that focuses on the health consequences of toxic exposures for persons of all ages.

The types of problems cared for in our Medical Toxicology clinic at the Redwood Health Center include:

  • Adverse effects from medications and dietary supplements
  • Exposure to chemicals, metals, gases and environmental or household hazards
  • Bites and stings (snakes, spiders)
  • Ingestion of food-borne toxins
  • Ingestion of toxic plants or mushrooms
  • Chelation therapy for metal toxicity
  • Blood and urine screening for drugs or chemicals (not workplace screening)

The Medical Toxicology clinic sees patients with both work-related and non-work-related toxic exposure concerns.

To Arrange a Consult Please Call:


Prior to scheduling an appointment, the clinic must receive and review:

  • A physician referral for the consult
  • Medical records related to the toxic exposure