Foot & Ankle

Conditions of the foot and ankle treated at the Orthopaedic Center include bone spurs, corns, bunions, hammer toes, ankle sprains, foot fractures, plantar fasciitis, and many others. Our specialists can help you decide what treatments will best fit your condition and circumstances.



Hand specialists and surgeons generally treat conditions like carpal tunnel, arthritis, ganglion cysts, and tendon problems, like trigger finger or tennis elbow. Hand specialists work in close collaboration with hand therapists to ensure the best care possible.


Hip Conditions

Symptoms and conditions of hip problems treated by orthopaedic specialists can be anything from arthritis to bone loss or bursitis to hip fractures and labral tears. If you are suffering from hip related problems, do not hesitate to contact a hip specialist and learn about available treatments.


Knee Conditions

Knee pain or problems that specialists at the Orthopaedic Center can help you with include knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, realignment, traumatic injuries, and other minimally invasive procedures.



Children’s orthopedic conditions treated by specialists on the pediatric orthopedic service team include neuromuscular diseases, like muscular dystrophy, congenital diseases, like club foot, and conditions, like scoliosis, as well as many others.


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation diagnose, treat and rehabilitate sports injuries, spine disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders.

physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Specialists in physical therapy provide outpatient rehabilitation in the Orthopaedic Center. They evaluate conditions from knee pain and hamstring strains to shoulder pain and tendonitis. There are also a variety of services available for patients that include aquatic therapy and massage.



Orthopedic specialists treating bone tumors and other soft benign tumors have the advantage of working with Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah providing patients with the best care available nationally.

shoulder elbow

Shoulder & Elbow

For patients suffering from any pain in their shoulder or elbow area, specialists at the Orthopaedic Center treat conditions ranging from arthritis to tendon tears as well as fractures or elbow and shoulder replacement.

spine care

Spine Care

Orthopaedists treating spine care have the expertise to examine and care for conditions and issues like scoliosis, arthritis, spinal tumors, cervical and lumbar disc herniations, and other conditions in addition to neck and back pain.

sports medicine

Sports Medicine

Conditions caused by sports injuries both traumatic and chronic are a specialty of orthopedists at the Orthopaedic Center. The center also provides sports conditioning classes, personal training, and support for University of Utah Athletics.



Acute and chronic fractures of the arms and legs (extremities), pelvis, and back are treated by experienced teams of medical specialists at the Orthopaedic Center. Restoring movement and health after injury is an important aspect of treating traumatic injuries.


Total Joint Replacement

The Center for Hip & Knee Reconstruction offers total or partial replacements for both hip and knee joints. Specialists are expert in restoring movement and treating pain in these areas.