shoulder specialties

As some of the most mobile joints, the shoulder and elbow are essential in upper body movement. Our specialists in shoulder and elbow pain at treat a range of conditions that include arthritis, tendon tears, tennis elbow, and rotator cuff strains among others. Treatments can include physical therapy, joint replacement, or other minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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The Shoulder Quiz

A dislocation and a torn rotator cuff are just 2 things that can go wrong with your shoulders. Can you think of others? Find out how much you know about shoulders by taking this quiz.

1. The collarbone is part of the shoulder joint.
2. The shoulder is 1 of the most movable joints in your body.
3. A pain in and around the shoulder may mean your have a disease elsewhere in the body.
4. A shoulder can be dislocated more easily than any other major joint.
5. Swelling and numbness are 2 symptoms of a dislocated shoulder.
6. A dislocated shoulder must be kept immobile for 3 months.
7. Jobs that require heavy lifting can lead to rotator cuff tears.