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Topics to discuss about medications

Some Topics You may Wish to Discuss with your Doctor or Pharmacist about Your Medications

How and When Best to Take Medications

  • Scheduled v. prn - maintaining effective levels in the body

    • short acting v. controlled release medications

  • The importance of using self-management techniques before taking dose of medication

  • How to use medications for breakthrough pain (when indicted)

  • How long before bedtime to take a sleeping medication

  • When medication levels peak and how that correlates with side effects and efficacy

  • Taking medications with food v. on an empty stomach

  • What to do when a dose is missed

  • The importance of not abruptly stopping most medications

Traditional and Nontraditional Pain Management Medications

  • NSAIDs

  • acetaminophen

  • opioids

  • not mixing mu agonists and agonist antagonists

  • Stadol nasal spray

  • tricyclic antidepressants as analgesics

  • anticonvulsants as analgesics

  • trazadone as a sleep aid

  • antidepressants to help level mood

  • topical counterirritants, ice and heat as adjuncts

Sleep and Dietary Habits

  • How medications affect sleep

  • REM v. delta sleep normal sleep and awakening patterns

  • Adjusting sleeping medication times when a.m. grogginess is a problem

  • Not staying up after sleeping medications make you drowsy

  • Improving sleep hygiene working with your psychologist

  • Appropriate use of sleeping medications versus relaxation, stretching and other self-management techniques

  • Medication adherence (compliance)

  • Addiction, Dependence and Tolerance to medications

  • Medication costs including the Use of generic drugs.