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Even in adults, it takes maturity, patience, and solid self-esteem to manage a physical illness or condition.  Children with physical illness often develop these characteristics at amazingly young ages. 

Every member of the family, however, may need help coping with challenges at times.  Our specialists provide support during these times of adjustment for the child and the family during the child’s short or long-term illness. 

Examples of support include:

  • At what age is a child with diabetes or PKU old enough to understand what he can and can’t eat?
  • How does a parent set boundaries and discipline a child who may not survive to be an adult?
  • How does a teenager with an organ transplant cope with the round face and thick hair growth from steroids?
  • How does the teen with diabetes balance medical compliance with peer pressure and the need to blend in?
  • At what age does the parent begin to step back and allow the child to be responsible for his own health decisions and consequences?
  • How can the child adjust emotionally to physical loss of a limb, of mobility, of mental capacity?
  • How can a parent handle guilt that may arise from realizing the child’s problems are the result of the parent’s genes?

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