Children's Health

First Appointment Information for New Patients

Before your appointment we ask you to fill out a patient history form for your child in advance and bring all medical records to the first visit. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. During the first clinic visit, a comprehensive evaluation takes place based on your child's medical history and physical findings. Then a specific treatment plan is suggested and discussed.

During the first session, your child may receive his or her first treatment and techniques to try at home. An initial consultation will usually last 45-60 minutes. Please note that it may take 6-8 clinic visits to see if a particular therapy is working for your child and to make adjustments to a plan of therapy. To enhance the effectiveness of treatment, the following guidelines are important:

  • We ask that on the day of the appointment, you and your child do not wear perfume, cologne or scented body lotion. Many of our patients are chemically sensitive or allergic and become ill when exposed to fragrances.
  • Your child should not eat an unusually large meal immediately before or after treatment.
  • Your child should not over exercise within six hours before or after treatment.
  • Please plan your activities so that your child can rest after treatment.
  • Your child should continue to take any prescription medicines as directed by your regular doctor.
  • Drug or alcohol use, especially in the week prior to treatment, will seriously interfere with the effectiveness of the acupuncture/acupressure treatments.
  • Remember to keep good notes of your child's response to treatment. This is important so that your doctor can design follow-up treatments most suited to your child

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