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Five Elements Nutritional Therapy

Five Elements (earth, fire, water, wood and metal) nutritional therapy is an important service that the Integrative Medicine Department at Primary Children's Hospital offers to our patients. It incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy and eating techniques into nutritional recommendations.

Pediatric Nutrition

Enjoying well-balanced nutrition is important for staying healthy. Poor nutrition may be a root cause of many health issues. Eating appropriate foods gives you energy, clears skin, helps build strong bones and keeps your mind focused. The wrong foods can make you feel depressed, tired and inattentive. It is important to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar, caffeine, fried foods and processed fatty foods (like cookies and chips) as much as possible. Take multivitamins, multiminerals, increase omega oils and eat smaller portions more frequently to keep your energy up.

According to Tradtitional Chinese Medicine philosophy, each person is born into the world with "constitutional characteristics and deficiencies". These characteristics and deficiencies can be determined by a Traditional Chinese Medicinal practitioner and will help them guide you to eat foods that will help you heal and grow healthier. They can also tell you which food may be contributing to your health problems or encourage you to stay away from particular foods that may cause problems in the future.

For example if your earth element is deficient then you may be craving unhealthy foods such as sweets and white bread or be experiencing poor or painful digestion. A Five Element nutrition practitioner would help you learn what healthy foods will satisfy these cravings and help them disappear, or balance out, for good or help heal your digestive track issues with foods like steamed apples and cinnamon, brown rice, salmon, chicken and spinach.

In general, nutritionists suggest that people combine small amounts of protein (like fish, meat or tofu) with complex carbohydrates (like rice) to help keep your blood sugar stable. Drink plenty of water to keep from getting constipated. Eat organic food if possible and try cooking and shopping with your family. Finally, eat slowly; enjoy being in the moment with your family whenever possible.

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