Breast Lift

We understand the decision to have breast lift surgery is a personal one that can help enhance one’s self image. Our team of plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists are experts in the field of breast surgery and can help answer your questions to help you make the decision for yourself.

Like other lift surgeries, this one aims to reduce sagging. In a procedure that lasts from one to three hours, the plastic surgeon raises the breasts by getting rid of excess skin. Aside from temporary swelling and bruising, long-term effects may be scars and loss of feeling in the breast and nipple. How long the lift lasts depends on age, weight changes, and pregnancy.

This procedure is often combined with breast augmentation to create more volume in addition to lifting the breast.

Procedure Cost*

Procedure Costs*
Breast Lift (Mastoplexy) $4,500

*Price listed is an estimate. To obtain an official price quote, please schedule a complimentary consultation.