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Facial Fracture Reconstruction

Facial Fracture ReconstructionPlastic surgeons are experts in the management and repair of complex facial injuries which often includes facial fractures.  Common causes of facial fractures include car and motorcycle accidents, assaults, and recreational activities (skiing, skateboarding, etc).  Complex facial fractures are often associated with other injuries and are therefore best managed in hospitals which specialize in caring for trauma patients.

Facial trauma and fractures pose not only a significant cosmetic problem for patients, but often create functional problems as well.  Left untreated, facial fractures have the possibility of causing double vision, nasal airway obstruction, difficulty chewing, and teeth which do not align themselves properly.  Plastic surgeons are experts at evaluating and treating complex facial injuries while optimizing both form and function.  Cosmetic surgery techniques help plastic surgeons hide the incisions which are necessary to repair facial fractures so that the bones can heal optimally and yet scarring can be minimized.  Small titanium or steel plates and screws as well as wires may be used in order to stabilize the bones during the healing process.

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