University of Utah Health's plastic surgeons are highly specialized in the build and make up of the face. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in facial reconstructive surgery allows them to restore function and appearance as much as possible for patients who have suffered from accident, infection, disease, or other conditions and events. Trust our reconstructive and plastic surgeons to help you develop a customized treatment plan to fit your needs.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery Procedures

Fracture Reconstruction

Plastic surgeons are experts in the management and repair of complex facial injuries, which often includes facial fractures. Common causes of facial fractures include car and motorcycle accidents, assaults, and recreational activities (skiing, skateboarding). Complex facial fractures can also be associated with other injuries, so being treated at hospitals that specialize in caring for trauma patients is the best management option for fracture reconstruction of the face as well.

Facial trauma and fractures can also create functional problems as well. Left untreated facial fractures have the possibility of causing double vision, nasal airway obstruction, difficulty chewing, and teeth that do not align properly. Plastic surgeons are experts at evaluating and treating complex facial injuries optimizing both form and function. Cosmetic surgery techniques help plastic surgeons hide the incisions that are necessary to repair facial fractures so that the bones can heal optimally but also minimize scarring.  Small titanium or steel plates and screws as well as wires may be used in order to stabilize the bones during the healing process.

Mohs Reconstruction

Our plastic and reconstruction surgery specialists are experts are reconstructing tissue after Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is a state-of-the-art procedure that removes cancerous cells by removing thin layers of skin. While each individual layer may be tiny, the procedure is not complete until all of the malignant cells are removed. Reconstructive surgery may be needed to restore a natural appearance to the surgical site.

Soft Tissue Trauma

Typically, the most prominent part of the body is the face. A person's self esteem and self image are often derived from his or her facial appearance. When a trauma has occurred to the face, not only can you suffer from functional defects but your confidence can be negatively impacted as well. Our plastic surgeons are highly skilled in the field of facial soft tissue trauma. They will work with you to restore your facial appearance and help you on the road to recovery.