Injuries to the head and neck can be discouraging, especially if they are visible. Often, patients who have experienced infections, tumors, diseases, or differences present since birth (congenital abnormalities/birth defects) may want to consider reconstruction.

Our plastic and reconstructive specialists are skilled in the structure and build of the head and neck; they have been trained in the latest treatments of reconstructive and plastic surgery. To help you determine if this reconstructive or plastic surgery is the right decision for you, request a consultation.

Reconstructive Procedures

Specific reconstructive procedures that our plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform include the following:

  • Tumor Removal & Reconstruction - The extirpation of tumors means that the tumors are completely cut out, withdrawn or removed. After this surgery or surgeries, many patients may decide to go through reconstructive processes to rebuild the area where the tumor was removed. This process can improve function and appearance. If you choose reconstructive surgery, your specialist will help you decide what the best treatment and reconstructive processes are for you.
  • Septoplasty (nose surgery)
  • Skin Malignancies