Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Nerve and Blood Vessel Reconstruction

Nerve and Blood Vessel ReconstructionNerve and blood vessel reconstruction are done through microsurgery. This reconstruction is important because the nerves allow feeling in the extremities, such as the hand, and the blood vessels deliver oxygen and nutrition to these extremities. Your specialist can help you decide the best way to approach this reconstruction based on your specific situation.

Nerve Reconstruction

Some nerve injuries may heal on their own, while others need surgery. Overall, about three to six weeks after the injury is the best time for nerve repairs that are related to other injuries. If it is cut off, the nerve may be repaired by reattaching it directly to the other end of the nerve or by using a nerve graft (inserting nerves from other areas of the body in place of the damaged nerve) to repair the damaged section.

Blood Vessel Reconstruction

An example of the type of surgery that can be used to reconstruct blood flow is one involving skin flaps.

Skin Flaps

A skin flap is similar to a skin graft, in which a part of the skin is taken from another area. However, with a skin flap, the skin that is used has its own blood supply. This section of skin includes the blood vessels, fat and muscles. Flaps may be used when an area that is missing the skin does not have a good supply of blood because of its location, the damage to the vessels or damage to the tissue.

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