Self Check-In Kiosks


The South Jordan Health Center is one of the first health care facilities in Utah to utilize self-checkin kiosks. This innovative offering streamlines the admittance process, working much like the self-check-in kiosks in airports. Patients use one of the several computers at each station to check themselves in. They are then shown a directional map, highlighting where they need to go in the building. Upon check-in, a message is instantly sent to the correct clinic or specialty area, so that the proper staff will be ready to greet the patient.

Designed with a modern, circular style, the kiosks are instantly accessible and located next to the elevators in the same location on all three floors. The computer screens have been designed to maintain patient privacy. Only the person standing directly in front of the monitor can see the information on the screen. The kiosks are also staffed by Guest Relations Specialists who can answer questions and provide additional guidance.