Current News & Announcements

Amyloidosis Clinic Opens in Utah, Third in the Country Specializing in Treatment of the Rare Disease03/26/2015
Study Links Thin Air, Higher Altitudes to Depression in Female Rats03/25/2015
New Insights Into Little Known But Common Birth Defect: Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia 03/25/2015
University of Utah Health Plans Selected for Green & Healthy Homes Pay for Success Project03/25/2015
A Call for Caution Before Genetically Engineering Humans03/19/2015
New College of Public Health Opens in Ghana03/13/2015
Want to Touch a Brain?03/11/2015
Improving Data Quality to Equalize Patient Care03/10/2015
US News Ranks U of U Health Sciences Programs Among Best in the Country: Significant Jump in Nursing Rankings03/10/2015
Rare Disease Day Organizers to Raise Awareness at Symposium and Statehouse Event 02/26/2015
Largest study of its kind documents causes of childhood community-acquired pneumonia02/25/2015
Utah’s Newest, Modern Health Center Opens its Doors02/23/2015
AirMed Is Moving on Up- To Layton!02/20/2015
New Insights Into Causes of ALS02/19/2015
Meth Damages Adolescent Brains Far More than Those of Adults, Study Finds02/11/2015
Novel "Smart" Insulin Automatically Adjusts Blood Sugar in Diabetic Mouse Model02/09/2015
Karen Wilcox, Ph.D., Named Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology02/06/2015
Identification of a Much-Needed Drug Target Against MRSA, Gram-Positive Infections02/02/2015
Cell Mechanism Discovered That May Cause Pancreatic Cancer 01/28/2015
Louisa Stark Wins Award From the Genetics Society of America 01/23/2015
Honoring a Career of Excellence01/22/2015
Immune System Promotes Digestive Health by Fostering Community of “Good” Gut Bacteria01/22/2015
Woodward Honored as Outstanding Educator01/20/2015
A Glimpse at the Future of Heart Care01/19/2015
University of Utah Health Care Welcomes Chad Westover as New Health Plans CEO01/16/2015
U of U School of Medicine Welcomes Thought Leaders from Around the World01/15/2015
New Study Findings Help Physicians and Patients Determine Prostate Cancer Risk 01/09/2015
Defying Textbook Science, Study Finds New Role for Proteins 01/01/2015
American College of Medical Informatics Honors Dr. Julio Facelli12/19/2014
Cardiologist Awarded Master Clinician Award12/19/2014
Meth Users Face Higher Risk for Parkinson's Disease12/17/2014
Human DNA Shows Traces of 40 Million-Year Battle For Survival Between Primate and Pathogen12/11/2014
Utah Jazz Announce Exclusive Partnership with University of Utah Health Care12/10/2014
New Research Shows Fewer Deaths Related to RSV than Previously Thought12/09/2014
University of Utah spin-off to speed discovery of orphan drugs12/08/2014
Research on a Rare Cancer Exposes Possible Route to New Treatments12/02/2014
Bam.iobio: An Interactive, Real-Time, Sequence Alignment Inspector App11/25/2014
Genetic Variation Protects Against Major Cause of Strokes--Cervical Artery Dissection11/24/2014
U of Utah Students Win 2nd at National Inventor Competition11/19/2014
Are Ear Infections Overtreated in White Children?11/17/2014
Games4Health Challenges Awarding More Than $30,00011/13/2014
Treating the Transgender Community11/11/2014
Harvard Business Review Highlights UUHC's Transparency Efforts11/10/2014
University of Utah Doctors on Team to Study Genetic Causes of Male Infertility11/07/2014
University of Utah Hospital Among First Selected for American College of Cardiology Patient Navigator Program11/07/2014
Professor honored as Health Care Ambassador by Danish Princess11/06/2014
'Rewriting' the Way to Make Natural Drug Compounds11/05/2014
Success of University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Draws Impressive Grant Support11/04/2014
Changes in Scores of Genes Linked to Autism11/01/2014
Willard H. Dere, M.D., to Lead Program in Personalized Health10/31/2014