Current News & Announcements

U. Hosts International Stroke Genetics Conference04/16/2014
Student Inventors Win More than $71,000 at Bench-to-Bedside Competition04/11/2014
Study: At 1 in 54 children, Utah autism prevalence rate holds steady at 2 percent 04/09/2014
Air Pollution's Dirty Secret: Higher Risk for Suicide in the Salt Lake Valley04/08/2014
University of Utah Hosts Second Annual Air Quality Retreat 04/07/2014
University of Utah Center for Medical Innovation Bench-to-Bedside Competition Highlights Student Entrepreneurship04/02/2014
A Brain Region for Resisting Alcohol's Allure04/02/2014
University of Utah Personalized Health Care Symposium Highlights Changing World of Medicine, Fosters Discussion on Solutions for Challenging Times04/01/2014
Catherine R. deVries Honored at Annual National Physician of the Year Awards03/31/2014
A Way to End Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections? Study Gives Hope03/25/2014
Colonoscopy Isn¿t Perfect: About 6% of Colorectal Cancers Are Missed 03/20/2014
Center on Aging Retreat: A 'Life Course' Approach to Understanding How People Age Healthily03/18/2014
From DNA to Diagnosis: U of U, USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery to Integrate Genome Data into Patient Care03/18/2014
Sloan Research Fellowship awarded to U of U Researcher Adam Douglass03/18/2014
U of U Nursing Faculty Win Khan Academy Competition03/17/2014
Utah Poison Control Center Celebrates National Poison Prevention Week03/14/2014
Poor Antibiotic Prescribing Putting Hospital Patients at Risk for Deadly Infections03/10/2014
Utah Brain Awareness Week: Touching Brains and Captivating Minds 03/10/2014
Loss of Antioxidant Protein Represses Regeneration of Muscle Lost from Aging 03/08/2014
University of Utah to host lecture on genetic basis and patient treatment of epilepsy03/05/2014
National drug shortages at all-time high, threatening patient care02/27/2014
More patients turning to University of Utah Health Care for life-saving liver transplants02/27/2014
ARUP CEO Selected as Trustee to American Board of Pathology02/25/2014
Our View - Utahns Need Access to Affordable Health Insurance 02/24/2014
Building a Better Mouse (Model) to Study Pancreatic Cancer02/23/2014
Utah study shows MRI heart imaging improves treatment of Atrial Fibrillation02/05/2014
New Religious Brain Project seeks to uncover brain activation during religious and spiritual experiences02/04/2014
National Poll Shows Public Divided on Genetic Testing to Predict Risk 02/04/2014
Researchers Seek Patient Input for Study on Improving Surgical Care Coordination02/04/2014
Update on Brazilian Olympic Athlete Lais Souza 01/29/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society receives $40,000 grant from UCAIR to develop video game app01/17/2014
Golden Celebration: University of Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science Observes 50th Anniversary of Clinical Services Core01/13/2014
University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society announces inaugural round of grants to study air pollution issues01/07/2014
New Cell Mechanism Discovery Key to Stopping Breast Cancer Metastasis 01/03/2014
Huntsman Cancer Institute Discovery Translates into Clinical, FDA-Cleared Breast Cancer Test at ARUP Laboratories12/24/2013
Mole Crowdsourcing: There Could Be an App For That 12/23/2013
Renegades of Cell Biology: Why K-Ras Gene Mutations Prove So Deadly in Cancer12/19/2013
Gene Variant Exacerbates Inflammatory Arthritis in Mice12/16/2013
Vitae 2013: People and Stories that Drive Research12/13/2013
Innovative Approach, Reveals New Public Attitudes About Access to Medical Information and Bio Tissue for Research12/13/2013
Stroke Center Among an Elite Group of Institutions to Help Revolutionize Stroke Clinical Research Through New NIH Network 12/12/2013
Inventors, Entrepreneurs: 3 Health Sciences Researchers Named Fellows in National Academy of Inventors 12/10/2013
Value Driven Outcomes - A New Tool for Knowing Our Costs12/09/2013
Carrie Byington Named Health Sciences Associate VP for Faculty, Academic Affairs12/06/2013
Waiting for the Next Shoe to Drop: Healthcare Reform and Academic Pediatrics12/05/2013
Saving Graduate Medical Education Keeps Tomorrow's Doctors in Utah12/05/2013
Study Connects Dots Between Genes and Human Behavior11/27/2013
Meet Trish Morton - New Dean of the College of Nursing11/22/2013
Targeting Different Forms of Enzymes Gives Hope for New Heart Medications 11/20/2013
South Jordan Emergency Department Receives Prestigious Award11/20/2013
University of Utah doctor honored for advancements in patient safety11/13/2013
Spotlight: The Future of Regenerative Cell Therapy11/07/2013
Pathologist June Round, Ph.D., Wins 2nd National Award for Studying 'Good' Bacteria11/06/2013
Children's and Families' Cancers Target of New Research Initiative at Huntsman Cancer Institute11/05/2013
University of Utah Hospital CIO Discusses Value Driven Outcomes 11/01/2013
New Study Examines Link Between Pregnancy Weight Gain, Autism Spectrum Disorders10/28/2013
New Study Examines Link Between Pregnancy Weight Gain, Autism Spectrum Disorders10/28/2013
Current Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines May Fail to Catch 10 Percent of Colon Cancers10/25/2013
Four Years of Sustaining a Top 10 Quality Ranking Among the Best Academic Medical Centers 10/18/2013
In Wide-Ranging Collaboration, Researchers Identify Gene Mutation That Causes Hard-to-Diagnose Immunodeficiency Disorder CVID10/17/2013
C.H. Hardin Branch Auditorium Dedication10/16/2013
University of Utah Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner Holli Martinez Wins $50,000 Sojourn Award to Pursue Innovative Ideas in Care10/14/2013
Disrupting an Antioxidant Pathway Prevents Heart Disease Caused by Reductive Stress10/11/2013
Health Sciences Names Associate VP for Development, Harold A. "Jay" Vogelsang10/03/2013
University of Utah researchers receive NIH Director's New Innovator Award09/30/2013
Researcher helps to discover new risks for age-related macular degeneration09/24/2013
Hospitals and Clinics CEO David Entwistle Named Chair of Community Advisory Board For David Eccles School of Business Masters of Healthcare Administration Program09/19/2013
Alumnus Who Achieved Remarkable Life After Spinal Cord Injury, Craig H. Neilsen, Honors U with Presidential Endowed Chair 09/16/2013
Magnet Resonance Imaging Before Ablation of Atrial Fib Helps Predict Success of Treatment09/10/2013
Groundbreaking Event: The Ray & Tye Noorda Oral Health Education Building08/23/2013
Wendy W. Chapman Named New Chair of Biomedical Informatics08/20/2013
Center for Occupational, Environmental Health Wins $6.5 Million Grant for Research and Training08/15/2013
Researchers Debunk Myth of "Right-brain" and "Left-brain"Personality Traits08/14/2013
Major Birth Defects Associated with Moderately Increased Cancer Risk in Children08/09/2013
University of Utah research could lead to new methods of immunizing populations 08/02/2013
Pioneering Insights into Platelets Earn Andrew S. Weyrich, Ph.D., Prestigious Dameshek Prize08/01/2013
When Writing Antibiotic Prescriptions, Doctors Favor Strongest Drugs08/01/2013
University of Utah Cardiologist's Research in Heart Failure Earns Prestigious Doris Duke Grant07/30/2013
Surgical Anesthetic Appears to Treat Drug-Resistant Depression07/29/2013
University of Utah researcher uncovers new information about "retina building" gene07/26/2013
Value Driven Outcomes Costing Tool Wins University of Utah 2013 Most Wired Innovator Award07/25/2013
Algorithms for Innovation wins national awards from top communications firm 07/15/2013
Neurosurgery Chair, William T. Couldwell, M.D., Named President of American Association of Neurological Surgeons07/09/2013
Health Sciences Announces Appointments in Research, Finance, Curriculum and HR06/21/2013
U of U Pathologist's Study of 'Good' Bacteria Earns Her Selection as a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences06/13/2013
Groundbreaking brain imaging research may change treatment for Down syndrome, other genetic disorders06/10/2013
University of Utah School of Medicine receives $1 million grant from Donald W. Reynolds Foundation to Strengthen Training in Geriatric Medicine06/07/2013
Rena N. D'Souza, D.D.S., Ph.D., Named 1st Permanent Dean of New Dental School05/30/2013
U Startup Invited to Esteemed Entrepreneurial Forum05/29/2013
Patricia G. Morton Named Dean of College of Nursing 05/29/2013
University of Utah pediatric fellow publishes study on organ allocation 05/23/2013
School of Medicine Names New Chair of Surgery05/17/2013
University of Utah Health Sciences Launches Genome Board to Treat Undiagnosed Patients05/16/2013
New Research Shows Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery Less Effective Than Expected05/15/2013
New Strain Of Influenza Requires Funding, Studies To Understand Possible Pandemic Risks05/13/2013
At Fertilization Dad's Genome More Ready Than Mom's-but Mom's Catches Up on Its Own05/13/2013
University of Utah Receives Award from Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute to Study Asthma Monitoring in Children05/10/2013
Israel's Ben-Gurion University Honors U of U Nobel Laureate, Mario Capecchi, With Honorary Doctorate Degree05/09/2013
Researchers: Omega-3 fatty acids don't reduce the risk of macular degeneration05/07/2013
U Surgeon Named as ELAM Fellow05/07/2013
Utah study pegs wood smoke as a contributor to winter inversions05/06/2013
One Bad Gene: Mutation that Causes Rare Sleep Disorder Linked to Migraines05/01/2013
A Powerful, More Accurate, Genetic Analysis Tool Opens New Gene-Regulation Realms 04/22/2013
"Living Fossil" Sheds Light on How Land Vertebrates Evolved from Marine Life04/18/2013
New Traffic System Gives Green Light to Safer Patient Transport04/17/2013
Legacy of Giving Lives as L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute Opens at University of Utah04/15/2013
University of Utah Hospital Named in List of "100 Great Hospitals in America"04/12/2013
James Fang, M.D., Named Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at University of Utah04/11/2013
U Students Inventing Tomorrow's Medical Devices04/08/2013
AACR Welcomes New Members to the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee 04/04/2013
University Hospital Among the Safest Teaching Hospitals in the Nation03/28/2013
New Medical Director Named at the University of Utah's Huntsman Cancer Institute03/27/2013
U of U Nursing School Calls on Community to Thank Utah Nurses03/26/2013
University of Utah Academy of Medical Science Educators Names Inaugural Fellows03/25/2013
U of U to Host Program on Improving Care for Veterans Facing Illness, Death03/22/2013
University of Utah Health Care Awarded Prestigious LEED® Green Building Certification03/20/2013
Long-suspected Cause of Blindness from Eye Disease Disproved03/11/2013
Hope in Stopping Melanoma from Spreading03/06/2013
For Some, Surgical Site Infections Are in the Genes02/25/2013
Utah Elementary Students Help Launch Kohl's Healthy Kids Program02/21/2013
Moran Eye Center Researcher Recognized for 'Audacious Idea' in Vision Research02/13/2013
Mouse Model of Clear Cell Sarcoma Improves Understanding of Rare, Deadly Cancer 02/11/2013
Nurse Midwife Jane Dyer Selected as 2013 University Neighborhood Partners' Hartland Scholar02/07/2013
Proven Leaders Magill, Strong Assume New Health Sciences Roles02/06/2013
University of Utah Health Plans Ranks #1 in Overall Health Plans, 5 Years in a Row01/29/2013
Women's Sports Medicine Program Aims to Keep Female Athletes in Top Form01/09/2013
Statin Therapy May Prevent Mental Deterioration Associated with Malaria01/03/2013