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Learning to Tell Time
Lynn Jorde, Ph.D., studies genetic mutations to learn when and how modern humans originated.

Scenario for Security
While others are just beginning, the University of Utah already has revised scripts for bioterrorism preparedness that draw on all areas of the health sciences center.

Are Americans Really Living in Fear and Trembling?
The psychiatric repercussions of 9/11 aren't as surprising, or as new, as we're being led to believe.

Surveillance Systems Give First Alert
Hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics gave the University an opportunity to develop and test several electronic disease surveillance systems.

Nursing's a Profession with Potential
Completing her first year as dean, Maureen Keefe, R.N., Ph.D., reflects on the future of the College of Nursing, as well as her own professional past.

Out of Africa
Ten medical students who volunteered in Ghana last summer returned with lessons about life and medicine.




In Memoriam

Research in Brief

Gift of Health
Contributions fund College of Health scholarships, renovation at the College of Nursing and the Moran Eye Center's Campaign for Vision.

A School of Medicine faculty member who serves on the Indian Health Service Research IRB discusses the ethical concerns of conducting research in different cultures.

Health Sciences Report, University of Utah, Vol. 26, No. 2
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Editorial Consultant: Anne Brillinger
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