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U's travel medicine experts keep international travelers healthy

Mar 12, 2009 1:00 PM

Planning to travel to some exotic location for vacation, work, humanitarian or religious reasons? Just returned home from an international trip and still feeling a little bit off? If so, you may want to visit the International Travel Clinic (ITC), located on the first floor of University Hospital in Clinic 1A. A medical team consisting of a board certified infectious diseases doctor, a physician assistant, and two nurses who are certified in travel medicine through the International Society of Travel Medicine provides pre- and post-travel services.

A pre-travel consult, preferably scheduled for at least one month before departure, can reduce your odds of getting ill either during or after your trip. ITC staff take into consideration your destination, duration of travel, activities and past medical conditions and then provide the appropriate immunizations (if necessary), an immunization record, prescriptions, country-specific cultural information, a comprehensive booklet of travel risks and advice, and information for contacting ITC staff while abroad.

If you return from your trip ill, you’re not alone. An estimated one in four travelers report an illness or other health problem while traveling abroad or on return. At the ITC an infectious disease clinician will do a work up that, depending on the symptoms, could include history and physical examination, blood work, stool and urine examinations for bacteria and parasites, and/or imaging. Long-term travelers are encouraged to have a follow-up medical evaluation, even those without signs or symptoms of infection.

For information or to schedule an appointment, contact the International Travel Clinic at (801) 581-2898 or e-mail

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