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Odd Genetic Syndrome Suggests Increased Blood Vessel Resistance Could Cause Hypertension

May 11, 2015

A new study reveals the genetic causes of a curious, rare syndrome that manifests as hypertension (high blood pressure) accompanied by short fingers (brachydactyly type E). Six unrelated families with the syndrome come from across the globe – United States, Turkey, France, South America, and two from Canada – yet share mutations that cluster in a small region of phosphodiesterase 3A (PDE3A). Functional studies imply the mutations change resistance of blood vessels, an underappreciated mechanism for regulating blood pressure. The findings, published in Nature Genetics, suggest new directions for investigating causes of hypertension in the general population. ... Read more

Do You Have High Blood Pressure?

April 01, 2014

Nearly a third of Americans have high blood pressure. Do you know where you stand?... Read more