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Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of all equipment, supplies and services required and authorized for use by the University of Utah Hospital and its owned, managed or affiliated clinics, care centers and hospitals.

Alert! We are seeing an increase in UUHC departments that are being scammed by telephone toners sales. Departments should question anyone who calls suggesting they have authorization to solicit our business over the phone. Calls of this nature should be directed to the Purchasing Department who has experience screening these calls and explaining that toner is purchased from contracted suppliers.

If a department gets caught in a toner scam, we would suggest:

1) DON'T USE the toner, but hold onto the product

2) CALL Purchasing  at (801) 587-6635

Purchasing will make sure the invoice is not paid and that the vendor is made aware it is their responsibility to have the toner picked-up. We will be happy to fight the battle for the affected departments. Departments should not send the toner back to the vendor because they will be charged a shipping fee. The vendor should be made to bear all costs associated with their behavior.

Telephone scams are not limited to toner only. Office supplies and other products can be offered in this same manner and departments should question any such calls regardless of product offered.

Vendor Related Policies & Forms

MISSION:   To provide excellence in customer service and leadership in the
                  procurement process.

VISION:     To provide leadership in procurement through knowledge, team work
                  and communication.