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Forms Committee Policies & Procedures


To define a mechanism for standardizing, evaluating and coordinating hospital paper
forms in a cost-effective manner.


  1. To ensure standardization, cost effectiveness and appropriate utilization, hospital forms are to be reviewed by the Forms Committee prior to implementation into the hospital system.
  2. Forms that go into the medical record must be presented and approved by the Forms Committee for either trial or permanent use. If a form is to be used across various disciplines, approval must be received from each department head.
  3. Forms that are for interdepartmental use must be presented to Forms Committee for approval and prior to use.


  1. The Form Design and Approval Request must be completed and signed before submitting to the Forms Committee for approval. Contact Ray Rubio, Chairman at 587-6533, or Rosalie Powell-Holbrook, Co-Chair at 587-6535, to review the form and schedule a time to attend a meeting of the Forms Committee.
  2. If the form is to be filed in the medical record chart, schedule a department representative to present form at the next Forms Committee meeting (bring 15 copies of proposed form).
  3. For non-medical related forms, schedule a department representative to present at the next meeting of the Forms Committee (bring 15 copies of
    proposed form). The committee meets every month on the third Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Check the Forms Committee Meeting Dates page for current dates and locations.
  4. The proposed form must be in compliance with the University of Utah and the
    University Health Care procurement policies [refer to Regulations Library - Policy 3-100: University Procurement].
  5. Refer to the specifications on the Form Design and Approval Request (page 2) for form layout and design.
  6. All forms three years old should be reviewed for accuracy of content and for possible revision.
  7. The Storeroom will stock and distribute hospital forms when the following
    requirements are met:
    1. A New Stock Item Request and Review form must be completed and submitted by the requesting department to the Committee for approval, along with a final draft of the proposed form.
    2. The requesting department must provide a default Org ID for forms which generate revenue (the Storeroom routinely stocks a six month supply of forms).

If assistance is required, please contact Rosalie Powell-Holbrook, Co-Chair at 587-6535.

SOURCE:     Purchasing Department

OWNER:     Purchasing Department
Reviewed:     October 7, 2014