Our Commitment to Quality

For the sixth year in a row, University of Utah Health Care has received the prestigious Quality Leadership Award from the University HealthSystem Consortium.

University of Utah Health Care ranks among the nation's top academic medical centers, having won the University HealthSystem Consortium's (UHC) Bernard A. Birnbaum, MD, Quality Leadership Award, formerly named the Quality Leadership Award, now six years running -a winning streak matched by only one other health system in the U.S.

The award signifies a top-10 finish in UHC's prestigious quality and safety rankings, a comparison of teaching hospitals based on quality measures, patient safety and satisfaction indictors, mortality rates and readmissions. In 2015, the University of Utah ranked sixth out of 102 participating medical centers.

UUHC also received the Supply Chain Performance Excellence Award and the new Ambulatory Care Quality and Accountability Leadership Award. 

Introduced this year, the Ambulatory Care Quality and Accountability Study honors academic medical centers (AMC) that demonstrated excellence in delivering high-quality outpatient care as measured by the UHC Ambulatory Care Quality and Accountability Study. The study analyzes performance in five domains: access to care, capacity management and throughput, quality and efficiency, continuum of care and equity.

"These rankings are a measure of how we compare to our peers. Academic medical centers care for the sickest patients and a disproportionate share of the financially needy and uninsured," said Vivian S. Lee, Senior Vice President for Health Sciences at the University of Utah, Dean of the University's School of Medicine, and CEO of University of Utah Health Care. "Being in the top 10 in quality means our community has access to some of the best health care in the country."

University of Utah Health Care has ceaselessly pursued improving value and safety, and creating an exceptional experience for every patient. "This effort has paid off in terms of better outcomes, better service and lower costs for our patients and the health system as a whole. To receive this award five years in a row means we have continuously improved in these areas year after year, which is remarkable," noted David Entwistle, CEO of University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics. Providing the best care at the lowest cost requires collaboration and the alignment of everyone around a shared goal. The systems success reflects the talent and tireless commitment of management and 13,000 physicians and staff.

The recognition isn't an ending point for University of Utah Health Care's pursuit of excellence, however. Continuing along the road of great value coupled with exceptional patient care is a goal the health care system works toward every day.

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2015 Quality Leadership WinnerAmbulatory Care Quality & Accountability Award Supply Chain Performance Excellence Award